Dear Mary

by Andrew Olsen

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released January 1, 2012



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Andrew Olsen Los Angeles

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Track Name: Hello Lovely
One fine night
When fevers blow
One fine day
When it's three below
One finds

Merrily through a bad dream
Short breath on a pale moon night
Softly through the sad seams
You and I

Girl let's ride
Through feet of snow
When up comes light
In the morning glow

Merrily through a bad dream
Short breath on a pale moon night
Softly through the sad seams
You and I
Track Name: Rise
Till you ride
Wasting around about till then

On a harmless night
The words let out

The facts don't come with the starry sky

Say you're right
Don't worry the ship will float just fine

Let the mainsail rise
Wring the wild world out

The facts don't lie with the starry sky
Track Name: Brooklyn Sky
I'm as old as the hill
Still the light shines for you my son

The Brooklyn sky is older still
Stars so bright and taking shape each one

And the light will shine
Faraway from the plume
The stars will all shine

Your face is rounder than it's been
And when you speak your words reach ten miles high

From all I've heard you're louder than
The dim skyline that lights the Brooklyn sky

Hear your voice reach high
Far above where clouds all bloom
You've lit that skyline

Mark my grave
And bury me down
Faraway from home
Where the voice and the memories of centuries have all taken hold
Track Name: Dear Mary
When half the days won
And the cannonballs fly
While half the world waits
For a miracle in sight

When the wagons run
When the valleys fall
Now the frost's about to land
And the child's bout to crawl

There was raised the howl of war
And a call around the land
“What you boys are fighting for
Is the nations last stand”

When the bodies part
Whole battalions fall
Cavalcades 'round the bend
And await the bugle call

Now Tennessee's torn
The cavalry rides
Dear Mary I'll be home
By the dawns early light

It's a miracle that I

Never ran out
Hadn't even tried
You never miss the storm
Till the water runs dry